1) Contact Your MP

Many MPs feel very passionately about the sexual objectification of women and the impact it has on their constituencies. We have created a special letter addressed to David Dinsmore editor of The Sun from MPs. We would like you to ask your MPs if we can add their name to it. (sorry we have to ask you to do it, but MPs only answer requests from their own constituents!) (and please do feel free to write your own letter, this is just in case you’re short on time)

You can find out how to contact your MP here


Dear MP

I am wholeheartedly supporting the campaign No More Page 3, appealing to David Dinsmore to please stop showing the bare breasts of young women in The Sun newspaper. These pictures were introduced in 1970, an incredibly sexist era. We do not think they should remain in 2012. Children should not, when faced with this paper, see pictures of men, in clothes, doing various activities, running the country, for example and then see one huge image of a woman in no clothes, doing nothing. It sends out an unacceptable message about a woman’s place in society.

No More Page 3 has public backing from Girlguiding UK (over 500,000 young members) the British Youth Council (over 220 youth organisations) Girls’ Brigade, the NUT, ATL, NAHT (combining over 500,000 teachers, lecturers and Head Teachers) Unison (our largest union, 1.3 million members) The Royal College of Nursing, The National Assembly of Wales and the Scottish Parliament held a cross party debate on Page 3, all parties agreeing it was damaging and had it go. In addition to this over 129,000 people have signed an online petition, 151 cross-party MPs have signed a letter of support, as have a host of charities including Rape Crisis, Women’s Aid, End Violence Against Women Coalition.

I am asking you to add your name to this MPs letter, addressed to David Dinsmore, editor of The Sun.


I would be proud to say that we can add your name to this.
Can we please do so?
Thank you so much for your time and for all the work you do for our society.

kind regards



an even speedier way of doing this is through twitter. Find out if your MP is on twitter here!


Simply tweet them the link to the MPs Letter  https://nomorepage3.wordpress.com/letter-to-the-editor-signed-by-mps/  asking if they would kindly add their name.

Here are all the MPs who haven’t signed…yet! : )

Then just send us a message through twitter or facebook or email us at nomorepage3@gmail.com when they answer YES!

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