No More Page 3 – What You Can do…

Hello there revolutionary…..So you’ve signed the petition. What else can you do?’

Well there’s loads of stuff! Some of which will take just moments to do and really will make a big, BIG difference!!

But while we’re here we’d just like say the biggest THANK YOU for your support so far, because your support has been AMAZING.

So many people have sent us messages of kind support or explained some truly terrible things that have happened to them that they feel happened as a result of the normalization of sexual objectification of women. So many women have confided how these images directly affected their self-esteem growing up and beyond. We’ve had BEAUTIFUL protest poems recorded in the name of No More Page 3.

This campaign has sparked so much truth and creativity. Thank you. IT FUELS US.

So now…what can you do?

  • You can send for a campaign pack! Simply email giving your name and address.
  • Please share the petition with as many people as you can family, friends, work colleagues, Facebook and twitter networks, email your contacts. Every single signature makes a difference. You could also pin-up a signature sheet at work/school/college/at a club/anywhere you like. You can download and print them here –
  • You could give out flyers to people you know or leave some hanging around at work/school…etc. You can download and print those here
  • Put up a poster!! They are here
  • Please keep in touch with us, through twitter @nomorepage3 on facebook or through our tumblr page and blog We aren’t having comments here, not because we don’t want to hear from you but just because we’re so busy with responding to the messages you leave us elsewhere.
  • Perhaps buy and wear a T-Shirt (It’s a real conversation starter ;)?

Want to do more?

  • Maybe you could gather your friends/dance group/guides troop etc and set up a protest in a local town centre with petitions, flyers etc?
  • Do you enjoy writing? Could you write a blog about the campaign and share it (don’t forget to send it to us)?
  • Ask your local radio/newspaper/TV station if you can do a piece for them about the campaign and why you support it.
  • Are you a really creative person? – what about a poem, story, art piece, dance, song, photographs? You could record it or send it to us so we can share it.
  • Feeling brave? Approach your local newsagent or shop and ask them to consider putting the Sun on the Top shelf. Tell them why you think it should be there.
  • Feeling sneaky? Go into your local shop and put the sun on the top shelf yourself.
  • Print out some of out “think about it” flyers and slot them into copies of the sun in your local shop or hand them out to Sun buyers at the door.
  • If you see a copy left lying around take a picture and send it to us for our evidence that not buying it doesn’t work.
  • Organise a flash mob we have a song and dance here that you can use or why not do your own? Don’t forget to tell us when and where it will be and video it so we can share it.
  • Why not ask the man at the top of all this, Rupert Murdoch, if he could help us out. If you’re on twitter, please do send him a polite tweet that he call Dominic Mohan straight away and say ‘Hi Dom, it’s time we said No More Page 3′
  • You can also


2) CONTACT THE BIG SUN ADVERTISERS and lobby the Co-operative


So here are just things that you can do…but we’re sure we’ll be adding more soon. So cheerio and a big thank you  from us for now. Oh and have you signed the petition??

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