About No More Page Three


“The Page 3 image is there for no other reason than the sexual gratification of men. She’s a sex object. But when figures range from 300,000 women being sexually assaulted and 60,000 raped each year, to 1 in 4 who have been sexually assaulted, is it wise to be repeatedly perpetuating a notion that women are sexual objects?”

The Independent

Thursday 20th September 2012

2 thoughts on “About No More Page Three

  1. It seems an overwhelming majority of signatures for the removal of naked women in the Sun Page three , are thinking people who are perhaps not the people who buy the product.
    This I think is going to be a problem for the Editor as the sale of The Sun is not aimed at anything other than tittilation for the non thinking masses, with little regard for the consequences or the impact on women and the portrayal of women as sexual objects.
    It’s time The Sun took a good look at itself and the sales pitch, which is what Page Three is ally all about.
    It debases women.. That all there is to say

  2. You do realize these women are paid handsomely for their role on page 3, no man has ever received this money, if you want to talk about sexism?

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