Men on Page Three

The other day I went to a wood merchant’s to get a piece of wood for my No More Page 3 banner.

‘What are you protesting?’ one of the men who worked there asked me.

I felt a bit apprehensive before I spoke because I was outnumbered by men who I felt were probably big fans of Page 3

‘Oh, you may not like this but I’m protesting against Page 3’ I started, prepared for a debate.

‘Do you know I’ve never liked that…’ the man who’d asked me said and then spoke to me at length about it. I asked him if he’d speak on my video camera. He said yes.

Since then I’ve been asking men what they think of Page 3, and then asking them if they’d be filmed. I tried to ask people who were reading or carrying The Sun. But I also spoke to some men who were making deliveries in white vans, because I have read numerous articles which have said that it’s white van men who like Page 3. I’ve also included here some men we met protesting outside Sun HQ.

Many of the men I spoke to wouldn’t be filmed, which I can understand, but none, and I am being honest here, said they would stop buying the paper if the topless pictures were dropped.

The main reason people cited they read the paper was sport. A few said they started reading it from the back.

I always gave my reason for supporting the campaign, as being ‘I wonder what children think when they see the paper and they see page after page of men in clothes doing things, like running the country and one massive image of a woman standing there in her pants?’

Every man I said this to said something along the lines of ‘yeah, it’s not really on is it?’